Frequently Asked Questions

Which Infusium™ collection should I use for my hair type?
Infusium™ has a variety of products to help your hair look it’s best every day. Feel free to browse our website and read the description for each item to help you decide which Infusium™ product best suits your hair type and/or need. 

Where can I buy Infusium™?
You can buy Infusium™ products at your local retail stores. Please visit our WHERE TO BUY page to find your nearest location. 

Are Infusium™ products available online?
Yes, you may purchase Infusium™ products online from a number of websites such as,, and many others.

Do you have any samples or coupons?
We have a Facebook page where we often post news, updates, coupons, and contests. You can also check your local Sunday newspaper.

Which Infusium™ products are safe for color-treated hair?
All Infusium™ products are safe to use on color-treated hair.

Are Infusium™ products tested on animals?
No, Infusium™ products are not tested on animals.

Are your shampoos sulfate free?

Are your shampoos and conditioners pH balanced?
Yes, all of our products are pH balanced.

Is my Infusium™ bottle recyclable?
Yes, our bottles are recyclable.

Do Infusium™ products expire?
All Infusium™ products should be stored at room temperature and used within 3 years of their manufacturing date to maintain their best performance.

Where can I find products that you have discontinued?
If the product is not featured on the site it has been discontinued, and is unlikely to be relisted.